Success Stories

Meet Stacey

160 lbs weight loss

When her husband became disabled, Stacey felt like her life was spinning out of control and she had lost a sense of security. He suffers from multiple health issues and is essentially bedridden. She knew she had to regroup and make changes.

“I wanted to get as strong and healthy as possible to care for my husband! That was my motivation to change,” she said. “It wasn’t all about vanity – I wanted a second chance to change everything – my entire lifestyle. I didn’t want a quick fix, I wanted to be the most compliant patient ever and follow every rule and make the necessary changes all along the journey to make it last.”

Her second chance began when she had bariatric gastric sleeve surgery. Stacey says the first year she focused on learning how to eat healthy and what to eat. Three months after she had the surgery she started doing cardio machines at the gym then over the course of the year added Yoga, weights and running. She said she had walked the dog some prior to surgery but had never been dedicated to working out.

The second year she increased her exercise and strength training and was excited to be able to try kayaking, something she never would have tried before. Eight years later, she’s keeping her fitness a priority and is working on the behavioral and emotional aspects involved in maintaining weight loss. She says she tries to stay focused by making plans that help her make the best food choices and staying active.

“I can now do the yard work, housework and everything I need to do to care for my husband. I can go to the gym and do the body pump classes there. That’s my ‘me time’, it’s my thing, and I can’t wait to go now,” Stacey commented.

The new more confident Stacey has lost a total of 160 lbs. She says her biggest advice if someone is struggling with their weight and thinking about bariatric surgery is to do your research, be informed about how it works, know the statistics, and go for consultation. She also said don’t be a regain statistic, use the tool (bariatric surgery) in the right way and make it work. In the end, it all comes down to the choices the patient makes.

“The first appointment was the hardest – be brave enough to see what it’s about and meet the team. Just go talk to them,” said Stacey

The changes have been good for their family also. Her husband and three grown children have all been supportive and are proud of her success.

“It’s been eight years and I’m doing great – I haven’t had a single complication and my surgery was textbook. Everyone at Dr. Swain’s office I consider my special ops team. They’re who I go to for answers to any questions and they set you up for success by educating and preparing you so well before surgery. You just have to be willing to do what they tell you and follow the plan.”