Success Stories

Meet Rob

116 lbs weight loss

Rob is a father, husband, and preacher living a busy life with a full load. As a teenager Rob never had to worry about his weight — he was active in high school. Then for Rob, much like for many of us, life gets really busy, you get married, have kids, and try to stay focused on your life goals, all while maintaining a balance between work and your personal life.

Rob was just that person — he was really dedicated to his family and to his commitment as a preacher. At age 31, he was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and became insulin dependent. He began experiencing depression and had absolutely no energy, which later he found were both side effects of the insulin dependency. His weight was at an all-time high reaching 330 pounds and he knew something had to change. After years of taking insulin he decided in 2013 to start exercising. He began walking 7 miles a day in the hope of eliminating his insulin regimen and was able to get his weight down to 290 lbs., losing 40 pounds over three years by incorporating exercise. However, his blood sugar continued to rise despite his new exercise routine and it was recommended by his physician to begin insulin again. It was at that time he was referred to the Bariatric Solutions office to help take better control of his weight and get nutrition therapy, so his diabetes could be better managed.

At his first visit to Bariatric Solutions, he met with Rebecca Wright, Registered and Licensed Dietitian, who taught him about proper nutrition, when to eat, what to eat, and how nutrition choices affected his diabetes. He started with daily food logs and weigh-ins in the Bariatric Solutions office which kept him accountable and on track. He also stopped eating fast food regularly which had been part of his regular diet. With continued nutrition counseling Rob lost an additional 35 lbs. prior to surgery, however, he was still battling elevated A1C levels and was on four medications for diabetes daily.

“I learned so much about nutrition that I thought I knew, but I really did not. The key is to follow the regimen laid out by the Bariatric Solutions team, they were amazing,” said Rob.

Initially, he had no intent to have weight loss surgery but after his A1C levels continued to rise, he made the decision to move forward with the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass weight loss surgery. He lost an additional 41 lbs. following his weight loss surgery and 76 lbs. total since he first met with Rebecca Wright. The results were almost immediate. He lost 30 lbs. in the two months following surgery, and then continued gradual weight loss of 11 pounds over the next three months. Rob has lost a total of 116 lbs. from his highest point and is now 214 lbs.

“I want people to know that they have no idea what they’re missing out on in life – the energy I have now is worth it alone, plus my health is so much better. I’m just enjoying life more,” he exclaimed.

“I used to wear a XXXL shirt and now I buy an XLG for comfort, but really could wear a large,” he said.

Besides the impact his bariatric journey has had on him personally, the best benefits have come to what matters to him most, his family. He has taken his knowledge and incorporated it into his family goals. His kids now eat correct portion sizes of good food, at appropriate times of the day, and they drink a ton of water. Their whole routine has changed. Rob’s life also completely changed throughout his bariatric journey. He now enjoys attending his kid’s baseball games and doesn’t feel like he has to avoid people and he isn’t self-conscious like he was before his weight loss.

“I can’t say enough about the entire team — they were amazing! Not only were they professional but they were compassionate as well and the support group was a big help,” said Rob.

Rob continues to maintain healthy habits and he walks 28 miles a week and incorporates prayer into his walking routine. He says that walking has become his “happy place” and brings him great joy.

Rob’s final thoughts were simple — follow the plan, listen to the team, keep your daily food logs, and be accountable. It really does work!

Start now and make a commitment to change your lifestyle to a healthier new you. If weight loss is something you struggle with and you want to know more about nutrition education or weight loss surgery options, call Bariatric Solutions of Murray-Calloway County Hospital at 270.762.1547.